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I don't know why I just found this now but I guess I really should look for more games often. Anyways, I love this game! The graphics, the animations, the characters (more specifically, Sasha and Jac). I really think they left a dent on me and I will always remember them. I will check out more of your games more often now :)

I really enjoyed this little game! It felt like you had a lot of fun making it, which I hope is true. I thought the different endings were really rewarding, and gave great insight into the different characters, and I liked how Jacqueline's character was so firmly from her point of view, everything she had done prior to the accident done with the conviction of someone who is very sure that she's right, even though her actions weren't necessarily ethical. 

Thank you very much for sharing this game with us!

I loved this game from start to finish. The music, the art styles, the story, everything. I wasn't expecting to be thrust into the position I was at the end but I definitely chose right for myself. And what a concept, fighting your own mind to remember your own life and still having to come to terms with emotional issues. I also really enjoyed reading the dialogue, it was well written and the story flowed extremely well.

Overall a brilliant game, I enjoyed this immensely.


Please give the option to pay for your games. This is one of the most clever games of this kind I've ever played. You are an excellent writer and I was really hoping to be able to drop you a tip.

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm happy people are still discovering this one. I had tipping enabled for a while but I ended up removing the option about a year ago. It's a complex issue for me, but the short version is I find comments and recommendations from players more rewarding. I appreciate you reaching out to me about it, however.

I played this game a few years ago and it gave me an existential crisis, lmao. Much love for the subtle inclusion of an LGBT+ character. :) Overall great game!

This game's amazing, nicely written, interesting, and all... can't get all endings, though, which is kind of frustrating for me and not your fault. Keep it up! And a little side-note, this might not feel the same for everyone. The message "Your dedication is admirable" after getting most (five?) of the endings creeped me out so hard. It's scary.

Lol, nevermind, I just got mixed up in what I did and didn't do. I love thins game to death. It's beautiful. Thank you.

But your dedication is admirable.

Very admirable.

Thank you for playing!